Night Camera Mode on iPhone: How to Use It to Take Better Pictures


Night Camera Mode on iPhone: Night mode remains one of the most impressive features of the iPhone’s camera system. In the article, we will tell you how to use the night mode and give examples of great pictures taken using this mode.

You may not have even noticed that your iPhone has a dedicated night mode. Unlike other iOS camera modes, you don’t need to specifically select this mode or switch between night mode and normal photography. Night mode turns on and adjusts automatically when the system senses that you are in low light.

When night mode is enabled, it greatly enhances photos by extending your iPhone’s camera exposure time. The result can be some pretty incredible low-light shots.

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How to Use Night Camera Mode on iPhone

Note: Night mode is available on all iPhone 11 and later models and iPad Pro.

Because you can’t manually enable Night Mode or tweak it in any way, you must be in low or medium light for the Night Mode icon to turn yellow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Camera app and switch to photo mode. Look for the moon icon in the top left corner (bottom left in landscape).
  2. If it is greyed out, it means that night mode is available, but not automatically enabled because the camera has enough light.
  3. If the moon icon is highlighted in yellow, it means it’s automatically enabled for your scene and ready to use.
  4. Then press the up arrow and select the yellow moon icon at the bottom to adjust the exposure time.
  5. Finally, keep your iPhone as still as possible while shooting. A yellow moon icon indicates how long to hold the camera still, and a countdown will appear on the shutter button.


Night Camera Mode on iPhone
Night Camera Mode on iPhone
Pictures Taken with Night Camera Mode on iPhone

Here are some of the best night mode shots collected by 9to5mac:


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