What Are the Three Steps to Overcoming Addiction? Exploring the Path to Recovery and Healing

What Are the Three Steps to Overcoming Addiction
Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction: Addiction is often a problem that leaves the victim unaware. In most cases, addiction problems are noticed by others who then bring the matter to the victim’s awareness. It’s important to seek immediate treatment, whether you have realized the problem or have been alerted to it. The Last Resort Recovery Center, having treated several addiction victims over the years, has outlined the three steps for overcoming addiction.

The Three Steps to Overcoming Addiction

1.  Act Fast

The first and most important step towards reclaiming control over your life is to act fast! Addiction victims and their loved ones should act fast by getting the necessary treatment needed to recalibrate their minds and rescue them from the ongoing addiction problem.

Acting fast could be in many forms, including a professional-assisted intervention, self-realization, and self-determination, seeking help from a treatment professional or rehab, and others.

2.  See a Professional

Addiction problems are often harder to self-manage. This is because the brain has been rewired to think it cannot function without the abused substance.

It’s important for addiction victims to seek professional help to reclaim their lives. A good starting point will be to schedule a consultation meeting at a rehabilitation center, see a counselor, or speak to a doctor. These medical and health professionals can recommend the right steps and treatment.

In most cases, they are also able to offer a medical detoxification service that purges your body of the abused substance while managing the accompanying withdrawal symptoms.

3.  Sobriety is a Daily Decision

Overcoming the trap of addiction is a daily process. You must wake up every day with a renewed determination to stay sober and fight relapse. It’s important to trust the treatment and healing process while also picking up new habits and skills that occupy your time and give you a new sense of direction.

By choosing to remain sober daily and working with your addiction treatment team, you’ll be able to overcome the urge to abuse the substance while also addressing other co-occurring issues and underlying triggers that could have resulted in relapse.

How to Choose the Right Rehab?

Choosing to get help is just as important as choosing the right addiction treatment facility. With the right treatment team, you’ll feel at home while working with trained clinicians and professionals to identify the problem as well as build motivation to remain sober for the rest of your life.

Here are some factors to consider as you scout for an addiction treatment facility.

Your Goals and Needs

Addiction treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of practice. Each patient is different, and so are their struggles. It is important to decide what you want out of your treatment before selecting a treatment facility.

To do this, start by introspecting on the substance you’re abusing, how long the problem has gone on, and whether or not you have been in rehab for the same issue before. You can also consider other factors like the level of care you need and type of program (is it a day program? An intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment program?).

Knowing all of these will help you to refine your search while leaving you with the most helpful and relatable options to choose from.

Contact Treatment Providers

With a handful of helpful service providers, you can now contact each establishment or treatment facility to ask questions. You can also schedule an appointment with treatment providers to familiarize yourself with their facility, staff, treatment approach, and dedication to the patient’s goals.

It’s important to note that most treatment providers are similar in their processes, however, the customer service, pricing, location, and approach to helping patients often set them apart.

Now is also a great time to read reviews and discuss available treatment options with each clinician.

Consider Specialties and Programs

Treatment specialty is an important consideration when choosing a rehab for your addiction struggles. Consider whether the rehab and its clinicians address your specific problem. You should also consider whether they have a success rate and what it is.

In addition to specialty, you should also consider the available treatment programs and how flexible it is to migrate from one to another. For example, do they offer medical detox? Are they exclusively a day program provider or do they offer intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment? Do they offer residential services?

Consider the Treatment and Therapies

Treatment and therapies are just as essential to your goals. Consider the different addiction treatment therapies and modalities offered at each rehab facility. The more the treatment option, the higher the chances of finding what works best for you as a person.

Additional considerations to keep in mind include the amenities offered, the staff-to-patient ratio, and how comfortable you are at the facility or speaking to the professional.


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