PixelPlusUI is a ROM that provides cool UI/UX with various customizations features along with the great engine.

Device: Redmi 7 (onclite)
Maintainer: @kostyajrz
Version: 1.0 | OFFICIAL
Android: 10
Build date: 29/02/2020

ROM Changelog:
* Hide Gradient behind QS
* Add GoogleSans Overlay
* Added Caffeine Tile to QS
* Added AOD Tile to QS
* Added Compass Tile to QS
* Added "Build Time" and "PPUI Version" strings to "About Phone" tab in settings
* Show PPUI Logo in Settings
* Merged February Security Patch r27
* Updated installation script
* New default wallpaper
* Enabled Longshot
* Initalized OTA Updater
* Use Pixel Charger Animation
* Initalized PPUI Settings Center
* Option to toggle network traffic status in statusbar
* Introduce pocket judge/bridge
* Introduce pocket lock
* Make DarkIconDispatcher visible to plugins
* Add network traffic status
* Add NotchOverlay
* Add blur to QS, and make it togglable
* Power menu customizations
* Remove emergency dialer action from power menu
* New bootanimation. (Dark bootanimation will be fixed in next update, and 
black borders will be fixed in next update)

Device Changelog:
* Initial build
* Enabled manual network search
* Use Pixel 3 Vibration Pattern
* Disable multi colored notification led, because only white led is present
* Enable AOD
* Enabled 1080p on youtube
* Remove WiFi dual band support, bcs device don't support 5.0GHz
* Drop deprecated display flags
* Move ConfigStore flags to system properties
* Enable AOSP SurfaceFlinger
* Add Google Recorder
* Add Netflix-Specific prop
* Enable 4k on front cam
* Linux Kernel Version v4.9.214
* onclite: Inflate signal strength
* Enable USB debugging at boot

* Included FBE

1. Update not available in OTA, because only clean flash allowed
2. Use only recovery with FBE support

NOTE: This is initial build, so there can be more bugs

Download: HERE


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