Video game industry analyst and leaker Daniel Ahmad tweeted a Sony patent called PlayStation Assist. This will be a personal assistant with voice commands dedicated to games. This technology has the potential to be implemented in the upcoming PlayStation 5.

According to Ahmad, PlayStation Assist voice commands will allow the player to ask questions relevant to the game itself. For example, a player may ask by voice where ammunition or certain items are, and the game will respond by telling them where they want them or by marking them on the map.

What to expect from PlayStation 5

At the graphics level, PlayStation 5 promises to raise the bar by supporting ray-tracing technology. This is an image rendering technique that improves the interaction of light with virtual objects. See this example in the Call of Duty trailer: Modern Warfare.

In addition, the PlayStation 5 will have SSD storage to ensure the best read speeds in data processing. Additionally, your ‘brain’ will be a third generation processor from AMD’s Ryzen line.

PlayStation 5 is expected to be unveiled during the year of 2020 and officially presented at the end of the same year. PlayStation 5 is likely to open the ninth generation of video game consoles, and Microsoft and Nintendo are also due to introduce 2020.

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