What is real estate financing consulting? It is worth it?

What is real estate financing consulting? It is worth it?

Real estate financing consulting: The decision to buy a property should take into account factors such as price and location. Financing enters the radar even in order to make acquisition possible. But there are other details that are part of the process, such as the extensive documentation for the purchase. For this, there is the real estate financing consultancy service .

After all, buying a house, apartment, land, building or shed is not just about signing a bank contract. There are a number of steps that the prospective homeowner needs to go through for the mortgage approval . And these steps are necessary to avoid any problems in the future.

How does funding work?

In the real estate market , once you find the property you want to buy, check the conditions in which it is found. Evaluate if there is a need for renovations, if there are structural, hydraulic or electrical problems. It is possible to negotiate with the owner to deduct these problems from the final value.

Housing subsidy: how does it work?

When knocking the gavel on price, do some research among banks to see which one offers the best financing terms. It can be the down payment, how many years it can be paid off, interest rates, among other advantages. Only after that is it time to apply for funding.

This request can be made online or in person, but the process is the same. You fill out a form with your data and those of the property and send a series of documents, such as RG, CPF, proof of income and residence and marriage certificate.

Paper analysis

With this, the bank analyzes whether the potential customer has the capacity to bear the expenses to approve the financing . There is documentation of the property, such as registration number, IPTU, construction registration in Organs competent bodies (in the case of properties under construction or new), among others.

Once you have all of this in hand and the mortgage is approved , it’s time to look at other documents. Transfer ownership, pay taxes and notary fees to finally enter the property and live effectively.

What is the role of the real estate consultant?

You may have noticed that the process of buying real estate is quite complex and involves many steps. That’s where real estate financing consulting comes in. Consultants already have the necessary experience to handle all these documents in a practical, efficient and fast way.

The financing consultancy does the work of choosing the property, the best time to buy and the institutions that offer the best payment terms. In addition, consultants know what documents are needed and forward them to the bank.

They also act as a financial advisor . They assess your financial profile, payment terms for installments and the type of property that best meets expectations. This greatly reduces the work that the future owner will have in this whole process.

Is it necessary to have a real estate consultant?

No, real estate financing consulting is not mandatory for the purchase of a property, but it speeds up and makes life a lot easier for those who don’t have time to check all this documentation or find it difficult to deal with these papers. It is a separately contracted service.

If you prefer, you can do all this without relying on expert help. The only professional who must be part of the process is the realtor, who is authorized to make the purchase contract, with the property and owner records, and other procedures within the real estate agency.

Realtor vs. _ real estate consultant

Real estate financing consulting work is different from real estate brokerage. The broker does the customer service part and checks the documentation of the property in view. It is he who organizes the visits, has access to the deed and makes contact with the current owner.

The financing consultant, on the other hand, uses the information on the property in question to seek good financing opportunities with banks. It also analyzes the buyer’s profile and helps when dealing with the documents that will be used in the real estate credit application.

Is it possible to simulate real estate financing?

Yes, the simulator allows the future buyer to have an overview of how this financing will be done for their future property. You can simulate a real estate financing that goes beyond the simulation itself. You enter the value of the property, how much you need to finance and the payment term.


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