Recovery Image For All Gionee Phones Cwm-Ctr-Twrp


Hello, today I will be writing on how to install a clockwork mod (cwm) recovery image on any Gionee phone. And how to do a ROM backup. If you’re the type that like cool features in the phone, or if you’re the type that enjoys pimping of phones(Android). To unleash its full potentials and abilities, I will advise you to follow this step to avoid bricking your phone when tempering with its software. We will give a tutorial on how to install the recovery with two different application you can use anyone you like.

1.Mobile Uncle

Install With Mobile UncleTools 
Download  Mobile Uncle
1)Turn Off Internet Connection
2)Place Your Downloaded Recovery on Sdcard Directory
3)Open the app
4)Select Recovery update
5)Select Your Recovery
6)Then Flash It
7)Then Reboot Into Recovery.

Install With Flashify
Download  Flashify
1)Place Your Downloaded Recovery on Sdcard Directory
2)Open the app
3)Click Recovery image
4)Click Choose a file
5)Select Flashify File Manager
6)Select the Recovery to flash

Congratulation You Flashed A Custom Recovery
Below are list of recovery for  all Gionee model

Gionee Android Recovery image.


Gionee A1 TWRP Recovery                        Download

GIONEE M3 TWRP recovery;                        Recovery for kikat
Gionee M2 Recovery:                                  Download
Gionee E5 Recovery:                                   Download
Gionee E3 Recovery:                                   Download
Gionee P4 Recovery;                                   Download
Gionee P4 Twrp 3.0.2 Recovery                    Download
Gionee P2 Recovery CWM:                           Download
Gionee P2 Recovery CTR:                            Download
Gionee P3  Recovery CWM:                          Download
Gionee P3  Recovery CTR:                            Download
Gionee P5W  Recovery Twrp:                         Download
Gionee P6 Recovery Philz                              Download
Gionee P6 Twrp 3.0.2 Recovery                      Download
Gionee P5l 2016 Twrp 3.0.2 Recovery             Download
Gionee Elife S5.5  Recovery;                          Download
Gionee Elife S5.5 Twrp 3.0.2 Recovery            Download
Gionee S6  Twrp 3.0.2 Recovery                     Download
Gionee Dream D1 Recovery                           Download
Gionee E3 Recovery;                                    Download
Gionee E5 Recovery                                     Download
Gionee E6 Recovery:                                    Download
Gionee F103 Pro Twrp Recovery:                   Download
Resurrection Remix 5.8 ROM For Gionee F103 Pro
Gionee M5 Recovery:                                   Download
Gionee M5 Mini Cwm Recovery:                    Download
Gionee M5 Mini Twrp Recovery                     Download
Gionee M5 Plus Twrp Recovery                    Download — Working On Fix
Gionee M5 Lite Twrp Recovery                     Download
Gionee M6 Philz Twrp Recovery                   Download
Gionee ELIFE E6 Mini Recovery                   Download
Gionee ELIFE S5.1TWRP Recovery 2.8.7-0 Download   Flash Via Sp Flash Tools
Gionee V4s Twrp Recovery                          Download 
Gionee S5.5 TWRP 2.8.6 Recovery              Download
Gionee S5.5 TWRP 3.0 Recovery                 Download Flash via mobile uncle
Gionee S6   Twrp Recovery                       Download 
Gionee S6s  Twrp Recovery                       Download


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  1. I guess I am very lucky to find this post. I did a stupid thing… I flashed another MTK6753 phones' recovery into my Gionee M5 Plus (gn8001). Did that with Mobile Uncle. I am lucky the telephone is still working but the recovery is not (it just reboots the phone instead of entering into it).

    Please, if you can, put an M5 Plus recovery here so I can flash it again with Mobile Uncle (as I do not have ANY recovery now this is the only method I can use).