Features of the Rom: =========

*Based On STOCK Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (It’s Not an AOSP)
*Dual Sim 3G..
*Pre-Rooted (Latest su Binar Added) *Deodexed (Of course man!)
*Busybox 2.21.0 Stericson Preinstalled
*Busybox Run Parts/init.d Supported Kernel
*Ultra Fast Performance
*Super Smooth UI

*Themed Like MiUi
*Tastes & Feels like MiUi
*CM Butter Project build.prop tweaks (Credits-Droidbeans)
*Miui Notes, File Manager, Sound Recorder (Credits-Hootanspart)
*MultiLock (Credits-Sam Ron)
*Walkman Music Player, Clear Audio+, Xloud (Credits-Rizal Lovins)
*Xperia Z1 Gesture Supported International Keyboard (Credits-Rizal Lovins) *Advanced init.d script (Credits-Shovik Chowdhury, zeppelinrox, darky)
*Shovik’s build.prop tweaks
*Long lasting battery life
*MiUi V5 Icons
*MiUi V5 Boot & Shut Animations
*New Walton Logo
*Trinity Audio Engine
*MiUi Widgets (Credit-Shovik Chowdhury)
*Modded Launcher2.apk
*11 New Lockscreens with stunning 3D Animations
*More free RAM
*Better Camera Quality
*Google DNS Servers
*Internet Speed Boost
*3G Afterburned……….Much More…
Installation System:
Make sure you do backup before flashing Rom

After downloading the ROM boot into recovery & follow these steps-

For CWM user
1. Wipe data/Factory Reset
2. Wipe Cache
3.     Format System
4.  Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For COT Recovery User:
1. Factory Reset
2. Pre-Flash Wipe
3. Storage Management & Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For CTR Recovery User:
1. Go to Wipe Menu and wipe all selected item
2. Install from zip & card;

*****After installing.
4. Reboot Phone  In the first startup it may take a long time to start. Don’t worry your phone won’t brick.
Androidvillaz/Download part 1 
Androidvillaz/Download part 2  
Androidvillaz/Download part 3
Androidvillaz/Download part 4  

   That’s all. Everything is done perfectly. Enjoy the best ROM

Thanks/Credits to:
@Almighty God
@Shovik Chowdhury
All Rights Reserved


  1. WiFi and hotspot not working after flashing d ROM….moreover, i can't change save browser settings; in which gave me difficulty in changing my APN.
    I will be glad if these bugs can be fixed. thank u

  2. While trying to revive my bricked phone, i extracted my parts singly and decompressed them using winrar on PC… but when I tried to install the supernova ROM on my tecno p5. but it said installation aborted.. my phone is rooted.I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. thanks [email protected]


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