Great News for all Tecno M3 users.


Features of the Rom: =========

*Based On STOCK Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (It’s Not an AOSP)
*Dual Sim 3G..
*Pre-Rooted (Latest su Binar Added) *Deodexed (Ofcourse man!)
*Busybox 2.21.0 Stericson Preinstalled
*Busybox Run Parts/init.d Supported Kernel
*Ultra Fast Performance
*Super Smooth UI

*Themed Like MiUi
*Tastes & Feels like MiUi
*CM Butter Project build.prop tweaks (Credits-Droidbeans)
*Miui Notes, File Manager, Sound Recorder (Credits-Hootanspart)
*MultiLock (Credits-Sam Ron)
*Walkman Music Player, Clear Audio+, Xloud (Credits-Rizal Lovins)
*Xperia Z1 Gesture Supported International Keyboard (Credits-Rizal Lovins) *Advanced init.d script (Credits-Shovik Chowdhury, zeppelinrox, darky)
*Shovik’s build.prop tweaks
*Long lasting battery life
*MiUi V5 Icons
*MiUi V5 Boot & Shut Animations
*New Walton Logo
*Trinity Audio Engine
*MiUi Widgets (Credit-Shovik Chowdhury)
*Modded Launcher2.apk
*11 New Lockscreens with stunning 3D Animations
*More free RAM
*Better Camera Quality
*Google DNS Servers
*Internet Speed Boost
*3G Afterburner……….Much More…
Installation System:
Make sure you do backup before flashing ROM

After downloading the ROM boot into recovery & follow these steps-

For CWM user
1. Wipe data/Factory Reset
2. Wipe Cache
3.     Format System
4.  Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For COT Recovery User:
1. Factory Reset
2. Pre-Flash Wipe
3. Storage Management & Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For CTR Recovery User:
1. Go to Wipe Menu and wipe all selected item
2. Install from zip & card;

*****After installing.
4. Reboot Phone  In the first startup it may take a long time to start. Don’t worry your phone won’t brick.
Androidvillaz/Download part 1 
Androidvillaz/Download part 2  
Androidvillaz/Download part 3
Androidvillaz/Download part 4   

   That’s all. Everything is done perfectly. Enjoy the best ROM

Thanks/Credits to:
@Almighty God
@Shovik Chowdhury
All Rights Reserved


  1. can you confirm that this rom works perfectly on tecno m3 i mean no bugs?

    also i dnt get the installation aspect do i have to download all the parts of the rom?

    • My bro. Use this app zarchiver to extract the Rom from part one only. …. The rest will be added automatically
      Then you will flash the extracted one of size 300+ mb

  2. 1. download all 4 parts of the rom
    2. put all 4 in your external SDcard
    3. download the zarchiver apk and instal on your phone
    4. run the zarchiver app and choose ONLY PART ONE OF THE ROM. (zarchiver will convert all 4 parts for you and make it into a .zip file).
    5. The .zip file is the rom – you will see that the size is the sum of parts 1-4
    6. Now reboot to recovery and instal from sd card

  3. Hello Emma,
    I have owned many android phones and flashed many roms too. I just got the Tecno M3 on Friday and I found this blog for this ROM, I have Downloaded the ROM as I described above in the six steps (I typed out the steps). I flashed the rom and I get bootloop. The problem is not your ROM because I have tried Achilles ROM (xperia for M3). I experienced the same bootloop. I am back to stock rom now but I would love to have this your ROM especially because of the MIUI ui. PLease help be solve this bootloop problem.

    I followed all the steps correctly

  4. You are right, the first time I flashed I did not format system and I got bootloop. When I realized it, i restored from my backup to stock and flashed the rom again, this time formatting system but I still got bootloop. Does it take up to 20 minutes for the first boot? Because I am thinking I didn't wait long enough. I will try again tonight and leave it for 1 hour. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Mr Emma,
    I think I have a permanent bootloop problem. Please can you help with reflashing stock rom for the M3? When I tried it again, I had to take out the battery after about an hour.

    • My bro. What is the real problem of your phone and getting mtk backup hovatek will be the best place because m3 has two type old n new …
      To get permission approved in time just call his no.

  6. Please am having issue downloading the 3rd & 4th part….it telling me to autborize download why the catcha picture is not displaying…..please drop me the direct download link fo the 3 & 4 part thanks

  7. Can I install this ROM using the Android System Recovery <3e>? I am new to this and have brick my cell once I don't want to repeat it so how do I Install CWM and boot to CWM recovery mode? Help me I want to do it now, now, now.

  8. The ROM is Awesome but it has one big bug which is missing the button to switch to front camera i.e you wont be able to use your front camera no matter the camera app you are using as far as this ROM is concern even if you see button to switch to front camera depending on camera app when you click on the button front camera still wont activate

    Yesterday night as i was sleeping, I heard a voice telling me what to do to make the ROM perfect in other to get both the front camera working 101%.

    I managed to extract 15 in number camera .so (shared object) files from a particular ROM, after flashing this SIUI ROM as usual the front camera was not working. using ES file explorer being granted root access i copied those 15 .so files to device/system/lib, lo and behold some of those .so files were not existing in the device i was able to add them by pasting those files adding new once and over writing existing once with the news once i copies. after that i restarted my phone. just to discover that me front camera has began to function and button to switch to front cam appeared and functional tested it with other camera apps that weren't working before and they were working well.

    In case any one encounters such issue just feel free to drop your E-mail i will send it ur mail its 4mb you will extract it as it comes as zip then copy it to the folder i did to get your ROM rocking !!! if you try it and it works out for you and you feel like appreciating you can rogger the guy some airtime to [email protected] or send it to 08147047088 if you wish no one is making it compulsory its just for those that want to keep the ministry moving

  9. Dont think am seeing any where to upload anything here so u can drop ur mail, i will send u dose files u will now do the rest or just email me [email protected] or [email protected] anytime i get ur msg i will reply u with the files.

    In all Emma, you are great continue your good work Just feel like roggering u some peppers so u can get some chilled gulder. Continue doing ur good work. Anybody that wants to kill you, M3 users are saying that the person will first kill his family, his generation and him or herself. even if later he or she comes back for u, u will no longer be there. One love guy!!!

    Thumb up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Install Root Explorer with which you can access the system partition.

      Make sure your device is charged to avoid complications during the process.
      Go to the system folder present in the root of file system. i.e the path- /system

      Now open the file “build.prop” in any Text Editor. For Root Explorer users, long click on “build.prop” file and tap on “Open with Text Editor”. (Before editing this file, for a safety, copy this file to the external memory card and save as a backup.)

      Remove this lines qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 from build.prorp of that rom
      then save and reboot the phone

  10. Please i need your help. I am not so familiar with this mobile tech stuff, but am an IT guru so i can find comfortably follow your instructions. My Tecno M3 just starts downloading and displaying funny things on its own whenever i connect it to the internet. I installed and scanned with Eset endpoint protection premium and it found infections, but could not remove them saying they are system files. I am assuming the virus infection is in the OS, or the system files themselves are infected. I am thinking the solution is to re-install the OS, that's what you would do to a computer.
    Is it this STOC ROM stuff that i need, and how do i go about re-installing the OS. Or, what solution would you suggest outright. Sorry for the stress brother.

    • First you get that virus from installing apps on your phone i once had that problem when i installed unknown app
      How to solve that virus
      Download and install Titanuim Backup Pro 7.2.4
      Open the app click on backup/restore find app you don't understand click on the app and uninstall it

      Method Two
      backup some of your important apps/contact/message/whatsapp Via Titanium Backup
      Then boot to recovery and click factory reset after the process is done reboot your device and install Titanium backup back and restore your app
      This method will solve that virus problem for you

      Await your FEEDBACK


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