Great News for all TECNO M5 users. At last fully Google Stock Jellybean based rom made for TECNO M5, which look great  and performance is fully on fire

Features of the Rom: =========

*Dual Sim 3G..
*Pre Rooted (Latest su Binar Added) *Deodexed (Ofcourse man!)
*Busybox 2.21.0 Stericson Preinstalled
*Busybox Run Parts/init.d Supported Kernel
*Ultra Fast Performance
*Super Smooth UI
*Tastes & Feels great
*CM Butter Project build.prop tweaks (Credits-Droidbeans)
*Notes, File Manager, Sound Recorder (Credits-Hootanspart)
*Walkman Music Player, Clear Audio+, Xloud (Credits-Rizal Lovins)
* Gesture Supported International Keyboard
*Advanced init.d script
*Shovik’s build.prop tweaks
*Long lasting battery life

*Nice Boot & Shut Animations
*Trinity Audio Engine
*Widgets (Credit-Shovik Chowdhury)
*Modded Launcher2.apk

*More free RAM
*Better Camera Quality
*Google DNS Servers
*Internet Speed Boost
*3G Afterburned……….Much More…

Installation System:
Make sure you do backup before flashing Rom

After downloading the ROM boot into recovery & follow these steps-

For CWM user
1. Wipe data/Factory Reset
2. Wipe Cache
3.     Format System
4.  Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For COT Recovery User:
1. Factory Reset
2. Pre Flash Wipe
3. Storage Management & Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For CTR Recovery User:
1. Go to Wipe Menu and wipe all selected item
2. Install form zip & card;


4. Reboot Phone  In first startup it may take a long
time to start. Don’t worry your phone won’t brick.

Download part 1 
Download part 2  
Download part 3
Download part 4   

                     Extract With This App zarchiver On Mobile  Extract Just Part One To Get Full Rom

install this font to change default font 
install font+by+Emmy1

That’s all. Everything is done perfectly. Enjoy the best ROM

Thanks/Credits to:
@Almighty God
@Snigdho Hassan
@Tahmid Tahmid
@Emrul Chowdhury
All Rights Reserved


  1. Do u really want to control ur phone ? Get this Rom now. The speed camera and smoothness will blow u away, however there is room for improvement. Keep the good work bro techno m5 is 4.4.2 with this Rom ( Music lovers the sound effects will blow u away )

  2. Help on a detailed explanation of extracting what to flash from the four files I've tried winzip with my phone but not succeeded

    • The reason why it showing that error is because you are extracting to same location.. .
      Do this I'f the files are in your SD then extract to phone it will surely work. Hope to hear from you.

  3. The Rom is Cool… But i can't verify my Whatsapp plus, Which i have to Uninstall Whatsapp plus and Re-Install Whatsapp from Google Play store. But I got error notice " Package file was not Signed Correctly". I try download the .apk file from Whatsapp official website and install also got another error notice of "App not Installed". Please how to i install and verify Whatsapp on my Tecno M5.

    Meanwhile, other apps Install successfully

    • Not any more, since whatsApp Inc has started hunting whatsapp + down… As yet, have not found a solution o how to completely remove Whatsapp plus in order to install the normal WhatsApp Messenger from Play Store after having flashed the Supernova Custom ROM; any suggestions?
      I tried uninstalling through settings, but apparently I still get a signature conflict error when trying to install WhatsApp Messenger. I also tried deleting the apk from system/app and/or vendor/app (because its an inbuilt app) but that too does not help… What's to be done now?

    • Root browser or Root explorer can help you to remove the whatsapp plus

      whatsapp plus with anti-ban feature is not available get the lastest version and enjoy.

    • Heyy Akor! Thanks a lot man, great ROM.. Works really well!
      "Anonymous" and Hadi, I have figured out what you are supposed to do to retain your WhatsApp Messenger, presuming you do not want to use WhatsApp +…

      1) Once you have flashed the Supernova ROM, DO NOT uninstall the WhatsApp + that comes with the ROM..

      2) Open this link in a browser:

      If you have used a Computer to click the above link, transfer the WhatsApp Messenger .apk file (Green icon) that will get downloaded into your SD card.

      3) Using some explorer that has root access (e.g. root explorer), Mount R/W and go to /system/vendor/operator/app. Here you will find the built in apps' apk files that came with the Supernova ROM. We are interested in the WhatsApp Plus apk file (Blue icon), plausibly named as "com.whatsapp-1.apk". Cut and Paste it into any folder in your SD card. (As precaution, I wouldn't prefer you deleting it yet…)

      4) From another tab, open the SD card folder where you saved the WhatsApp Messenger file you downloaded in step 2 (actually, thats just the latest WhatsApp Messenger apk, albeit indirectly from Playstore).

      5) Rename the apk file (Green icon) into exactly as what the name of the WhatsApp + apk file (Blue icon) that you viewed in Step 3 was, then copy and paste it into the folder where you had found the WhatsApp + apk file (i.e. /system/vendor/operator/app). Restart your device and Voila!

      Emmaunel Akor, bro thanks man – I like the outlook and speed of this ROM. Stay blessed..

  4. This rom is great but once "use swap on phone and external memory" uselected, reinstall the whole rom is the only solution as it become too slow to operate inside settings, the internal memory is almost full as one cannot install anything from google play anymore! Otherwise, great rom with fabulous battery backup

  5. Pls help me with a single link for full custom rom download for TECNO m5. Thanks AM finding it difficult downloading with the four(4) links.

    • First what I think may cause that error will be not downloading one of part completely the total size will be 370mb.
      Secondly if the internal to external storage give you problems
      Try external to internal storage let see.
      hope To u hear from you.

  6. for people with whatapps plus problem kindly do the following. download root Explorer, open search bar and search for com. what apps folder and delete all that show upup. that solve whatsapp certificate conflict……… sobatec

  7. The Supernova ROM style, outlook and certain apps are truly amazing.. Great work! Unfortunately, there a few drawbacks – for example: the boot up time is very long (even after the 1st time boot) – it keeps hanging at the "CyanogenMod" Logo. Also, whatsapp plus has been pre-installed as a built in app which is very difficult to completely uninstall. Uninstalling is now mandatory because WhatsApp Inc. has disabled Whatsapp plus and now everyone has to switch to the default WhatsApp Messenger from Google Playstore. However, even after uninstalling from settings and deleting .apk from vendor/app, when I try to install WhatsApp Messenger either via Google Play or by downloading the apk using, I keep getting a conflicting signature warning and keep being asked to uninstall the previous version of Whatsapp. WhatsApp Plus does not show up on settings, nor is the .apk any longer in vendor/app or system/app or even as a user app, yet the system somehow presumes it is still installed. Is there another copy of the WhatsApp Plus somewhere that I haven't deleted or am I missing something? Please explain…

  8. look my best rom so far is still extreme rom,apart from whasapp error on this rom google play store also have issue pls solve that .i still av d rom on fone bt it jst nt okay cus of d stress i av to go through n still the rom has issue,pls help port cm to tecno or aosp plssssss

    • Download the new whatsapp reborn from this site rename it to com.whatsapp-1.apk use any explorer navigate to vendor/operator/app to see the whatsapp you are using
      copy it to any folder then copy the new one you just rename to overwrite The old new
      Make sure you have backup your chat then reboot your phone to enjoy the new update whatsapp

      Await your feedback

    • Bro I have gotten away pass that problem by replacing my whatsapp data n install d new whatsapp by pls is there a way to port cynamogen Rom to techno m5 so it receives ota update,n also bro I want to add you on whatsapp for quick conversion,you guys r doing DreamWorks.

    • i don't understand what you mean by the first start but if it what am thinking that mean you didn't follow the instruction format system while wiping that why you cant pass the first START UP

      await your feedback

  9. For CWM user some people dont know where to format system
    1 reboot to recovery
    2 wipe data/factory reset
    3 wipe cache partition
    4 click on Mount and Storage der you should seeFormat System among the list click on it
    5 click go back and click on Advance
    6 wipe dalvik cache
    7 go back and install zip from sd card

    ask if you still cant install whatsapp on Spernover ROM

  10. Plz sir, it connects to my pc to copy files b4 but recently wen I click to copy files again it reboots my phone as many things as I try to do dat, wat could be the problem plz? Though I flash it again nd it stopped but started recently again plz help ur brother bcuz I swear never to use any oda Rom than dis supernova bcuz is awesome nd greatest of all to my liking. It will be a a gr8 pleasure for me seeing the update sir. Kudos to the one u did sir, forever remain grateful with dis even though with dis complaint dat I lay, I still rate it greatest of all time

    • This problem to sincere with you i cant really tell you what is causing that i know experienced that problem so time ago when i was using Tecno p5 one
      1.Try this let see if it will work anytime you want to connect your phone to the pc close all app you open
      2. try using another Usb cord to connect your phone let see
      3. try using another memory card in your phone to see if it continue

      await your feedback

  11. i was faced "crc errors" while trying to unarchive/decompress the splitted supernova rom using "zarchiver pro". so if there anyone he who have faced the crc error, just do this simple step:

    1) download the "winrar apk" by searching on google & install it on your phone

    2) open winrar —> go to the four splitted file of the rom —> open "…..part1.rar" —> long press on "supernova_for TECNO" until come up the popup options —> then select "Extract files…" —> on the next popup option tick the "keep broken files" —> press ok, confirm ok

    3) after finish extracting, open the extracted "supernova_for TECNO" file —> then press the option button & select "repair archive" —> confirm ok the popup —> wait for 2 or 3 minutes untill repair it

    4) after finish repairing you will get another repaired rom/zip file named "rebuilt.supernova_for TECNO", —> so now flash the repaired "rebuilt.supernova_for TECNO" file.

    good work emma, keep up the good works!

  12. my tecno m5 is not work 3G network & Compass sensor, also the battery takes 6-7 hours to be charged 100%, i have tryed lollifox, purexperia ui & supernova, but i didnt get sollution for 3G network & Compass.
    what should i do?

  13. my tecno m5 has hardware problem on 3g antenna & compass sensor, but i dont know where to find those components on my tecno m5 hardware, would you help me by giving an instruction to check my m5 hardware.

  14. i have xtreme, supernova, pure-xperia & lollifox ROMs.

    but i dont have flex, incredible kitkat, Android L, ……. ROMs

    do you have any idea about my status?, which one is should i download next?

  15. hey, currently i'm not able to download the stock rom using 3G on mobile, because i dont have pc. would you appoint me another download link like on mediafire, (because the…….. is not working on my mobile)

    seriously i need the untouched Stock ROM of Tecno M5. please help


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