The 8 best yoga exercise apps
The 8 best yoga exercise apps

If sedentary work is bad for your posture and causes back pain, then it’s time to do yoga. This does not require additional sports equipment or a spacious gym. Exercises can be performed even in a tiny room.

If you are still not sure about the positive effects of yoga on the body, there is a lot of scientific research in the public domain proving the benefits of traditional Indian practices. Take the time to read about yoga before you do it. If you want to get started right now, download the apps from the list below.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are a teapot and just starting out with yoga, here’s a free app designed especially for you! Each exercise is explained with text instructions and animated 3D models. There are different training programs: complete beginner course, strength yoga, morning yoga, and so on.

Yoga Workout - Yoga for Beginners - Daily Yoga – Apps on Google Play

Among the useful functions, it is worth noting a built-in calendar, a “reminder”, and a BMI (body mass index) calculator. Among the disadvantages: you cannot save or mark the poses you like, and text descriptions are available only in English.

Available for Android.

Yoga | Down Dog

The most recommended yoga app, and also the editorial choice of the Play Store. To start using the application, you need to register. A registered user can choose a training program in accordance with his understanding of comfort and level of fitness.

You yourself choose the duration of the classes, the type of yoga, and even the instructor’s voice (six different voices are available, including in Russian). In addition, beginners are offered a three-day introductory course providing a basic understanding of yoga. For example, you will learn what vinyasa, hatha yoga and restorative yoga are. Classes can be downloaded for offline viewing, so you can work with the application without a permanent connection to the Internet.

The application was free during quarantine, There is a free trial period for 2 weeks.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Keep yoga

Support from other users on social networks motivates new achievements. You can get exactly the same support in the Keep Yoga app.

In addition to posture descriptions, Keep Yoga has an audio section on meditation, so that you can bring not only your body, but also your spirit into harmony with the world around you. The app will automatically track your workout progress. However, there is one small drawback: to master the lessons, they must first be downloaded to your phone.

After registering in the application, you receive a profile that other users can subscribe to. Community members can comment on your classes and your posts. To work with the application, you must register and fill out a profile, entering general information about yourself and more specific information regarding yoga.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Yoga by Muscle and Motion

In yoga, not only the technique of performing asanas is of great importance, but also the scientific substantiation of the exercises. Knowing which muscles and ligaments are involved in a particular pose will help you better understand your body.

Yoga by Muscle and Motion

This is where Yoga by Muscle and Motion will help you. Each asana is accompanied by audiovisual explanations, information about the technique of execution, the load on certain muscle groups, and the problems that may be encountered during the exercise.

The app is great, but if you want access to all the materials and the ability to download lessons for offline lessons, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid package, which costs $ 15 a month.

Available for Android and iPhone .

Zenia AI Yoga Training

The technique of performing is one of the cornerstones of practical yoga. The slightest inaccuracy can lead not only to a decrease in the effectiveness of training, but also to injury.

Zenia is an AI-powered app that attempts to solve this problem by literally becoming your virtual yoga instructor. The app monitors your exercise technique with the front camera and tells you if you are doing something wrong. In total, the application contains 5 courses and 21 sequences of different yoga poses of different intensities.

What’s more, the app adapts over time to your behavior and makes appropriate adjustments to your training program. The only drawback is that the application is paid. The subscription costs $ 10 per month.

Available for iPhone.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

This app was ranked in the Top 5 Best Fitness Apps by The Wall Street Journal. In particular, it took first place in the user interface.

Like its counterparts, Daily Yoga offers a variety of workout programs, including 10 Day Flexibility, Flat Belly, Beginner Basics, and more. You can create your own workout programs focusing on the points that interest you, whether it is about losing weight, developing flexibility, or relieving stress.

There is even a section with light music for relaxation. However, if you want to play ringtones from the local storage of your phone, you will have to pay $ 9 per month for this feature. The paid package also turns off advertising and opens access to exclusive seminars, individual training programs, and an expanded library.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Yoga Tools

World renowned Indian yogi Jaggi Vasudev helped to develop this application. There are not so many exercise options in Yoga Tools as in some other analogs, however, those that do have a better and more complete description.

There is a section with video tutorials, divided into sections like “Yoga for Health”, “General strengthening exercises” and so on. But the main advantages of the application that distinguish it from all analogues are introductory videos from Jaggi Vasudev, a wonderful selection of Indian classical music and magnificent illustrations for asanas. Available for Android and iPhone .

Yoga 108

It’s easy for a beginner to get confused in the “Sanskrit jargon” of yoga. But it’s okay! With the Yoga 108 app, you will not only learn the names, but also learn a lot of new and interesting things about each of the terms.

There is nothing special about the interface and that is why it is good! Poses are drawn in two-dimensional graphics, each term is spoken at a slow and normal speed. The application library includes Gayatri Mantra, Guru Brahma and other mantras. There are also manuals on the original Patanjali Sutras with detailed descriptions. The app is completely free and contains no ads.

Available for Android and iPhone.


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