Theft in the storage room. What type of insurance covers it?

Theft in the storage room

When we have little space at home, we resort to the use of a storage room. If we live in a building or in an individual home and we are lucky enough to have one, we will surely have wondered on more than one occasion if there is a storage insurance that protects the goods that we keep in it, if it is enough to hire a home insurance or if the community insurance covers the storage rooms.

That we keep things in a storage room does not mean that we are dealing with goods that do not have special value or that we will not need in the future. It may be that at the moment we are living temporarily in a small apartment or that we are saving some furniture that we plan to inherit to other close relatives.

In the storage rooms we also store valuable equipment such as the mountain bike, the snowboard or the surfboard . After all, they are expensive objects that we use sporadically and that, in most cases, we need to store away from home.

Despite the fact that storage rooms solve our lives, there is one thing that is undeniable: the things that we keep in the storage room do not get rid of the ingenuity and creativity of the owners of what belongs to others, so thinking about how we are going to shield ourselves from In the event that we suffer a robbery in our storage room, it is key to sleeping peacefully.

“I was robbed in the storage room”: Does my home insurance cover it?

The answer is yes, but with certain nuances. Home insurance covers theft in the home and in the storage room as long as we have contracted the specific coverage for theft .

This means that, when hiring home insurance, it is essential to specify all the valuables that we have in the home and that we want to be insured in case of being stolen.

It is important to mention that not all insurers offer the possibility of insuring the contents of a storage room in case of theft . Some establish compensation limits of around 2,000 euros, while others do not apply any limit and consider the objects found in the storage room as part of the total content of the home.

Our recommendation is that, if you have valuables such as a mountain bike, carefully read all the coverage of your home insurance in order to determine whether or not you need to take out additional guarantees.

Does the community insurance cover the storage rooms?

When the storage room is located in a common area within a community of neighbors, we can also resort to community insurance. Of course, it is most likely that the insurer will be responsible for the damage to the container and not the content.

To claim the personal belongings that remained in the storage room and have been stolen, it will be necessary to go to the home insurance which, as we have mentioned before, will take care of it as long as it is contemplated in the conditions of the policy.

Tips for home insurance and the protection of our storage room

As we have seen, the coverage, conditions and exclusions can vary a lot depending on the insurer we choose. In any case, there are a series of issues that we must take into account when hiring home insurance:

  • Make sure that the policy not only protects the contents and the continent of the house, but also the storage room. Otherwise, check with your advisor if you should take out another type of policy or add additional coverage to your current home insurance.
  • Find out about the economic limits of the policy, as well as the minimum conditions determined for the insurer to act in the event of a claim.
  • Find out if home insurance protects your storage room in case of theft, but also in case of fire or water damage.
  • Do not forget to declare all the goods that are both in the storage room and inside the house.
  • If you do not own the property and you have signed a lease, we advise you to take out renters insurance that mainly covers your contents.

Finally, keep in mind that insurers consider the loss as theft only if the thieves have entered the home or the storage room by force. In case they have entered through an open window or door, the compensation will be less since it is considered theft due to carelessness.


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