Top 10 Home Insurance Benefits

Top 10 Home Insurance Benefits

Welcome to another wonderful post of ours as today we will be discussing the 10 main home insurance benefits. Those who have their own home or even those who live on rent know that protecting the home is fundamental. Whether apartment or house, unforeseen events such as burst pipes, electrical problems, fire, storms and other situations that cause damage can happen. Therefore, Home Insurance is a great investment, as it offers protection in several cases and gives the insured person the peace of mind they need. 

For those who are not yet familiar with this product, Residential Insurance is a protection aimed at the contractor’s home. This insurance includes several coverages that benefit the residence in cases of unforeseen events that are included in the policy. Therefore, at the time of hiring it is very important to talk to your broker and present all your needs. 

Below we list 10 Home Insurance benefits for you to understand how important it is to hire the product and protect your home. Check out!

Home Insurance Benefits for you

1. Variety of coverages

When looking for Home Insurance, the insured has a huge variety of coverages to choose from. The most common are: 

  • Fire, lightning, explosion; 
  • Robbery and theft ; 
  • Electrical damage ; 
  • Civil responsability; 
  • damage to windows; 
  • Impact of automobiles or planes; 
  • Gale, hail and tornado 

These and other coverages offer several possibilities to protect the house. With so much choice, it’s easy to have protection that meets all your needs – and that goes for any type of property: from apartments to summer homes. There are coverages to suit all types of residence.

2. Personalization of the plan according to the profile of your residence

Home Insurance is a customizable product when choosing coverage. At the time of hiring, customize it according to your property. For example, if you have an outdoor area in your home, you can hire garden damage coverage . If you live in a rented property, it is interesting to include loss coverage and rent payment.

There are several possibilities to modulate Home Insurance to meet your main needs. 

3. Assistance and emergency services for unforeseen events

In addition to the various coverages that the product offers, Residential Insurance also allows for the inclusion of assistance and emergency services to help you with common problems that may occur on a daily basis. 

What to do, for example, if a pipe bursts in your house? Or if your shower burns? Or even if you get stuck out of the house because you forgot your key? In all these situations you can also trigger Home Insurance! These are known as emergency assistance and services, which you can include in your policy. 

You can also resort to assistance for electronics and appliances repair, glass repair, electrician, appliance installation, help desk, in addition to services such as gutter cleaning, roofing replacement and water tank cleaning.

Check out the list of the main assistance and emergency services available in Home Insurance:

  • Keychain;
  • Electrician;
  • Glazier;
  • Plumber;
  • home appliance repair;
  • Electronics repair;
  • Help Desk.

4. Fast compensation in case of claims

No one expects to go through a serious situation at home, but unfortunately, we are all subject to it. If your home goes through an accident and it is provided for in the policy, such as an explosion, fire or theft, the Home Insurance indemnity is not bureaucratic and time consuming.

All insurance companies have a maximum period of 30 calendar days, stipulated by SUSEP, to pay the indemnity after sending all the correct documentation by the insured. If all the documents sent are correct, within 30 calendar days you will already have access to the value of the contracted capital.

5. Affordable contracting price

Many people mistakenly end up comparing Car Insurance with Home Insurance in terms of values. Unlike Auto Insurance, which on average costs 5 to 10% of the value of the vehicle, Insurance for Homes, in general, does not reach 1% of the value of the property.

6. Ease of payment

Another point that is important to mention when we talk about hiring Home Insurance is the ease of payment. The conditions vary according to each insurance company, as each one has its own rule, but as Minuto Seguros works with several insurance companies, we can offer several options that will certainly be within what you are looking for. Boleto, transfer, credit card, with installments, in cash, and so on.

7. Tranquility and protection for those who hire

Financially speaking, our home is probably the most valuable asset we have. If we insure our car and this, over time, has become a habit, why not do the same for our house? The costs of serious repairs, such as fires, for example, can be very high. And they can be avoided with insurance.

Staying calm and carefree in various situations is a security that only Home Insurance will bring you.

8. Peace of mind for worry-free travel

Another home insurance benefits is when the holidays or long holidays arrive, there’s always that worry: are we really going to travel for weeks and leave our house without anyone?

Residential Insurance also allows residents to enjoy the trip or the period away from home peacefully, without having to think about possible robberies, theft, electrical damage, among others, and they can focus all their energies only on resting.

9. Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Close to what Home Insurance offers, its cost is practically zero, if all the services that can be used during the term of the policy are weighed in the balance.

If, for example, you need to claim insurance because of a burst pipe, a leak, electrician, locksmith or any of these professionals, the investment has already paid off. Not to mention other possible accidents from which no one is free.

10. Ease of hiring a Home Insurance

Hiring a Home Insurance is very simple and has no complications. With just a few details of the residence and the payment, in a short time your home is already protected.

With the above detailed home insurance benefits reasons to get one for yourself will not be hard again.



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