Travel Insurance : Know What It Is And How It Works

Traveling, regardless of the time of year, is great, isn’t it? The climate, culture, gastronomy and all the energy of new places make travel even more pleasurable and memorable. And that’s exactly why travel insurance should be part of your planning.

With it, you can enjoy every moment – ​​from the starting point to your destination – throughout the journey. After all, no one wants to have unforeseen events that can compromise the tour, right?

Travel insurance is tailor-made for you and your entire family. We can’t forget about pets; they must also be kept safe and treated well.

Want to see how travel insurance works? Keep reading and stay on top of this subject. And plan your next trip soon.

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After all, what is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of service contracted when you intend to travel, whether national or international.

Some packages already include this type of service in the price, but not all of them have this protection, in these cases you need to be very careful and hire the part to travel with peace of mind.

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How it works?

Travel insurance is a security guarantee that protects travelers, it works as a non-permanent health plan and a guarantee of compensation in certain situations and specific accidents. This type of insurance is usually valid during the days of contracting, within what is provided for in each contract.

Despite being for both national and international travel, this type of insurance is usually taken out by those who are going to travel internationally. This is because Brazilian health plans are usually not valid abroad.

What does travel insurance cover?

The Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) is a body that regulates the insurance sector, this body is responsible for presenting rules and criteria for travel insurance.

Travel insurance aims to guarantee the insured a quick service in case of emergencies during a trip. Considering this, understanding what travel insurance covers before choosing the ideal one for your trip is very important.

Travel insurance can have different types of coverage and it is extremely important to seek information before hiring to understand what you really need.

Mandatory coverage

Travel insurance plans have some obligations, including offering some basic coverage, such as:

  • Body transfer;
  • Sanitary return;
  • Medical transfer;
  • Death on the road;
  • Accidental death while traveling;
  • Permanent total or partial disability caused by accidents during the trip;
  • Medical, hospital and dental expenses for travel.

Optional coverage

The plans may also optionally offer the following additional coverage:

  • Early return;
  • Trip cancellation;
  • Theft, theft, loss, damage or destruction of luggage;
  • Funeral, if the insured person dies during the trip.

It is worth mentioning that most of the plans available on the market include these extra coverages.

Baggage covers

It is quite common for luggage to be lost and this can turn the long-awaited trip into a huge headache. Therefore, travel insurance can be an important ally for travelers.

Knowing that you will be protected in case of medical emergencies or other unexpected situations that can happen during the trip brings peace of mind to enjoy every moment.

In the case of bags that are lost, there are some types of aid that are complementary and supplementary:

  1. Complementary luggage insurance: the most common modality, in which part of the compensation is paid by the airline and the rest is paid by travel insurance, until reaching the amount established in the travel insurance policy.
  1. Supplementary luggage insurance: in this modality, if your bag is lost, the insured will receive the maximum amount contracted for this coverage in addition to the amount paid by the insurance company for your lost bag.

Other coverages

There is a wide variety of insurance companies on the market and companies are starting to invest more and more in the services offered. Therefore, nowadays travel insurance covers much more than the items that are listed as mandatory, which guarantees more comfort, safety and tranquility for travelers.

As already mentioned, coverage may vary, depending on the company, the contracted plan and the contractor’s needs. Check out some of the coverages that can be contracted in travel insurance:

1. Medical assistance

Among the medical coverage that can be contracted in a travel insurance, the most common are:

  • Medical coverage for sports;
  • Medical coverage for pregnant women;
  • Pharmaceutical coverage;
  • Physiotherapy.

2. Aid and services in case of unforeseen events

Other coverages that protect the insured from travel-related problems are:

  • Flight delay expenses;
  • Convalescence in hotel;
  • Return of an unaccompanied minor;
  • Accompanying or family accommodation;
  • Return travel guarantee.

3. Legal assistance

With regard to legal assistance that apply in case of traffic accidents, ideal for those traveling by car there are:

  • Legal assistance for a traffic accident;
  • Remittance to court bail for traffic accidents.

Why buy travel insurance?

When we travel, we don’t think about the worst. But it is necessary to be aware that unforeseen events can happen. There is no way to predict being run over, feeling sick, having an accident, losing your suitcase, etc.

When any of these things happen while we’re not traveling, there are already big expenses, so imagine in a different place. And it is at these times that travel insurance becomes essential. This investment that is made before traveling guarantees peace of mind during the trip.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Some countries have mandatory travel insurance and it will not be possible to visit them without hiring this service. Those that are part of the Schengen Treaty , for example, require the hiring of a cover of 30 thousand euros to allow the entry of a tourist.

So, do a good research before closing your travel planning, you won’t want to miss visiting a place because you don’t have travel insurance.

What is the price of travel insurance?

Travel insurance costs from fifteen reais, but everything will depend on your profile, age, the route you will take during the trip, what coverage you will need, policy value, etc. To ensure the best price and maximum protection, it is important to get quoted and analyze the most suitable policy for your case.

How to use travel insurance?

When using your travel insurance, it is important to have access to the contacts of the insurance company you will need. That way, if you need it, you’ll get all the support with ease.

Therefore, keep your contacts saved in different locations, so they can be easily accessed when needed and, preferably, clear all your doubts before you travel.


There’s nothing better than traveling with peace of mind, right? Having good travel insurance can be the best decision to have a comfortable and safe trip planning.

And now that you understand this modality better, evaluate your needs and look for a reliable company to help you when traveling.

Think that you need adequate support to travel without worries, support in cases of cancellation and/or interruption of the trip, loss of luggage, in addition to special care in urgent cases.

A hug and see you next!


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