If you are looking for financial support in difficult situations, it is essential to know how to activate disability life insurance.

After all, having mobility compromised can have a big impact on you and your income dependents. However, this protection is directed precisely to help you at that moment.

On the other hand, payment only occurs after correct notification and assessment by the insurer, and following all guidelines is essential for faster approval.

Want to know how to make this notification? Check out the steps to trigger disability life insurance and see what is needed to prove your condition!

What is disability life insurance?

Life insurance for total or partial permanent disability due to an accident is a product that offers compensation for claims that cause the total or partial permanent loss of a limb or organ, in the event of an accident covered by the policy.

In other words, it is a protection against accidents or occurrences that affect the contractor’s mobility or autonomy.

This insurance works like other conventional products, allowing the contracting of an insured capital that meets the profile of the holder, and requiring regular payment of the premium to keep the clauses in force.

How do I claim Disability life insurance?

If you have this coverage contracted, it is important to know how to trigger disability life insurance.

After all, the insurer follows the payment procedures only after notification and assessment of the case, which must be done as soon as possible.

Difference between Disability Life Insurance and Disability Pension

For this reason, see the step-by-step guide to trigger this protection and request compensation:

1. Have your policy number ready

When you apply for disability life insurance, have your policy number ready so that the insurer can officially identify you.

If you are in doubt about your policy number, you can consult insurance by CPF or check with your company. This will make the process faster and less bureaucratic.

2. Contact the insurer

After confirming your policy number, you can contact your insurer to claim disability life insurance.

The notice allows her to enter the necessary assessment procedures. In addition, it can also offer directions for you and your family to be supported.

This contact can be made through official channels, such as telephone or e-mail., for example, you can activate your insurance through the website or through the application, available for Android and iOS .

3. Communicate the claim

Once in contact with your insurer, report the accident that led to the disability. This can be done within a predetermined period. However, the assessment only begins after the holder indicates the occurrence.

When the claim is communicated, the company will be able to initiate all the legal procedures to proceed with the assessment and possible payment, if everything is in accordance with the pre-established rules.

4. Submit the requested documentation

To claim disability life insurance, you will need to send some proof requested by the insurer itself.

Generally, they include personal documents of the holder, victim of the accident, and medical examinations that prove the loss of mobility in question. Once this is done, the company will analyze all the information and return the request for payment of the indemnity.

How soon can I claim disability life insurance?

If the insured person is the beneficiary of the coverage, the deadline to activate the disability life insurance is 1 year from the day of the claim.

Other situations, such as the death of the insured person, generate a higher communication deadline. However, as this payment is usually made directly to the holder, the period in question is usually reduced.

How long does it take for the insurer to pay the claim?

Once the insured activates the disability life insurance and the application is approved, the insurer has up to 30 days from the date of submission of all documents, to pay the indemnity.

That is, if the company evaluated the claim and found that there was indeed disability whose contract provides coverage, the limit for making the payment is one month.

When triggering disability life insurance, can I have my claim denied?

Even after triggering disability life insurance, the holder may have his application denied due to some situations. See the most common ones below:

In the event of an expired policy

In some situations, the claim that leads to the disability of the insured person occurs after the expiration date of the policy, making it impossible to pay. After all, the holder was no longer protected against that situation.

For example, if the contract ended in December, and the claim occurred in January of the following year, the validity has already expired, and payment may be denied.

Non-payment of the policy

In addition, in order for the holder to activate disability life insurance, all monthly payments must be up to date.

Failure to pay the policy premium for a certain period may lead to the cancellation of the insurance and, consequently, your request for payment of the indemnity to be denied.

Inconsistency in the information provided

Still, there is another situation that can deny the claim for compensation in the case of disability. If the insurer identifies inconsistency in the information, it may request a resubmission of the documents and even refuse the request.

This is because it constitutes fraud and can bring not only the loss of compensation, but also legal consequences for the insured.

Therefore, inform all data correctly, and be transparent about sending documents for evaluation.

When to trigger disability life insurance?

It is important to activate disability life insurance at the time the accident occurs, in order to have access to the protection that this product offers.

Although its coverage has some more restricted clauses, the holder will be fully entitled to payment if he follows the company’s instructions and sends the documents that prove the coverage of the claim.

In addition, despite the one-year deadline for reporting the incident, it is worth contacting the insurer, as the amount can help cover expenses and restructure your finances.

For this reason, it is worth learning how to trigger disability life insurance and the steps necessary to have your application evaluated. Thus, your support will be more agile, and you will be able to count on financial support in this type of situation.