TWRP Recovery 3.0 For Huawei Honor ShotX
TWRP Recovery 3.0 For Huawei Honor ShotX

With the TWRP recovery, you can create a backup of your device, that is pretty solid and when restored, can fix even a soft-bricked device. TWRP backup is kind of the best backup
solution available.

Moreover, you can easily install custom ROMs and mods to customize your Honor 7i easily. Though, there must be some custom ROMs available in the first place, specifically made for your device.

How to Install TWRP Recovery 3.0 On Huawei Honor ShotX (7i)

Download the TWRP Recovery

1. Unlock bootloader of your Honor Shot X (7i). For that, use the procedure given at this page.

2. Install ADB and Huawei drivers.

3. On your Honor Shot X (7i), enable USB debugging. For this:

Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap ‘Build number’ 7 times or until you see the ‘you’re now a developer’ message pop up.Go back to Settings, then choose ‘Developer options’. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and use its toggle button to enable it. Accept warning by tapping on OK button.

4. Connect your Honor Shot X (7i) to PC now. You will get a pop-up as shown below on your phone when you connect for the first time after enabling USB debugging. Select ‘Always allow from this computer’ checkbox and then tap on OK button.

5. Download the Honor Shot X (7i) TWRP recovery from above.

6. Rename the recovery file to a simple one, shotxtwrp3.img

7. Now, open command window in the folder where you have the shotxtwrp3.img file. For this:

•Open that folder and then left click on empty white space in the folder.
•Now, while holding shift key, right click on empty white space to get a pop-up as shown below.
•Now choose Open command window here option from that.

You will see a command window open up, with location directed to folder where you have the twrp recovery file.

8. Boot your Honor Shot X (7i) into Bootloader/Fastboot mode. Run the following command for that.

adb reboot bootloader

9. Test whether fastboot is working alright. For this, run the command given below. (You can also copy-paste the command and then use enter key to run it.)

? Upon running the command below, you should get a serial no. with fastboot written after it. If you don’t get fastboot written on the cmd window, then it means you need to reinstall adb and fastboot drivers, or change restart PC, or use an original USB cable.

fastboot devices

10. Boot into TWRP recovery now. We are not installing the TWRP recovery actually here, but will test it by loading it without installation. When we’re sure it’s working alright, we will install it.

Use the following command to test run TWRP. (You have to use the recovery image’s filename in the above command.)

fastboot boot shotxtwrp3.img

After entering the above command, your Honor Shot X (7i) will reboot into recovery mode and will load TWRP recovery. If the recovery image is compatible and fully working that is. Otherwise, it will get stuck, in which case, simply force reboot it by holding power button (or Volume down + Power) for 20 seconds.

Step 11. If the TWRP recovery is working alright, and you are sure you want to install it permanently, then run the following two commands.

adb reboot bootloader

You will be back in fastboot mode. Run the following command to install TWRP.

fastboot flash recovery shotxtwrp3.img

To check out recovery, use the command we used earlier too (fastboot boot shotxtwrp3.img).

You are done. Enjoy TWRP recovery on your Honor Shot X (Honor 7i).

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