Unfollow Apps to Monitor Instagram Followers

6 Unfollow Apps to Monitor Instagram Followers

Unfollow apps can help with managing Instagram profiles. With their help, it is possible to identify if your account or your company is having the expected acceptance, interaction and progression.

We’ve listed 6 of these apps, available for Android and iOS, to monitor your followers and gain many more. Check!

Unfollow Apps to Monitor Instagram Followers

1. Followers Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight

Followers Insight for Instagram serves to identify who follows your profile back and unfollow people who haven’t. The app goes further and offers other account management features.

You can check likes and comments by post and the most popular media. The user also gets information about the best times and days to post, among other tools that help them understand the engagement pattern of followers.

  • Followers Insight for InstagramAndroid

2. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis

Ig Analyzer Follower Analysis

Another good option to track followers, unfollows and other details of the performance of your Instagram account. With this app, you can check who unfollowed your profile, people who don’t follow you, ghost followers, and more.

The tool also allows you to track statistical data of your publications, such as likes and comments. You can still see if someone deleted a like or a comment on a particular post.

  • Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

3. Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers offers the practical function of following up to 50 people who don’t follow you back at the same time. So you don’t have to go to the trouble of deleting one by one from your list.

The app allows you to view, in a list, the mutual followers, those who follow you and you do not follow and, of course, those who have recently unfollowed you. Another interesting point is the possibility of adding more than one account of the social network.

  • Followers & Unfollowers (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android

4. FollowMetter


FollowMetter is yet another Instagram account data analytics app that shows you the people you follow but don’t follow you back. When you go to You are not following back, the list of profiles will be displayed.

It is not possible to unfollow these users directly from the app.

  • FollowMetter (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

5. Insta: Instagram followers

Insta iPhone app release image: Instagram followers

Insta: Followers On Instagram has one of the most enjoyable interfaces to use among unfollow apps. To find out who doesn’t follow your posts, just go to Followers I follow but don’t follow me.

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The application also allows you to track in real time the followers lost and recently gained. Another interesting engagement tool is the automatic hashtag generator. Just upload a photo and let the program suggest the possible tags.

  • Insta: Instagram followers (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

6. AiGrow: The Best Instagram Unfollowers App

AiGrow, which offers users a secure bulk unfollowing process through a customized Instagram account manager, is another incredibly effective Instagram unfollow software. To make sure you adhere to Instagram’s rules and regulations and do not break them, you must hire a qualified manager.

You can schedule your posts with AiGrow, send automatic messages, and contact their email support at any time.

7. Cleaner for IG

This is another great Unfollow app Finding inactive or ghost followers and unfollowing them is a breeze with Cleaner for Instagram. In contrast to previously liked posts, you can mass unfollow users and erase posts on Instagram with cleaner for IG.

Users without profile pictures can be found on a list provided by this app. Additionally, you can put legitimate profiles to a “whitelist” to prevent unintentional removal.

8. Spamguard

Spamguard is one of the best tools for locating inactive and ghost followers and getting rid of bots from your Instagram page.

You may stop any unwanted behavior with the use of this program and make sure that spamming actions and nasty comments can’t get past the filter.

9. PhantomBuster

As implied by the app’s name, this application “busts all the phantoms,” allowing you to easily remove all inactive and ghost followers with a single finger tap.

10. Followers Insight

Another top-notch unfollow app is Followers Insight, which you can use to keep track of several Instagram accounts and obtain in-depth metrics like the ideal time to post on Instagram or when people unfollowed you.

In addition to managing your account(s) so you can see your likes and comments, Followers Insight may identify new unfollowers, unfollow those who aren’t following you back, and rank your account’s most popular articles.

11. Followers Track

Only accessible for iOS, this software gives iPhone users access to a list of newer followers, non-followers, blockers, and even likes that were accidentally removed.

12. Unfollow Users

You can unfollow up to ten people at once with this app, which is exclusively available for Android and works best for folks who don’t care who unfollowed them. A “white list” can be created for accounts you never wish to unfollow.


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