Useful voice commands for HomePod

Useful voice commands for HomePod

It doesn’t matter what model of HomePod you have, in any case, it’s very easy to forget about all the features of the speaker. Most likely, you are not using all the available voice commands for your speaker, and we will help you fix this.

Background sounds

Many are accustomed to falling asleep to some background sounds. You can ask your HomePod to turn on background sounds before bed. Here are the options available:

  • Ocean
  • rain
  • night
  • Forest
  • fireplace
  • stream
  • White noise

Try each of the available sounds to find the one that suits you best. These sounds help not only fall asleep, but also focus on tasks.

Important Read

Speaker link

If you have multiple speakers, then you need to be able to transfer audio between them. This can be very helpful. Here are the available commands:

  • Turn it on everywhere
  • Move it [another room]
  • Turn it on in [first room] and [second room]
  • Add [new room] or play music from [first room] here
  • Turn it off in [first room] and [second room]
  • Turn down the volume in [other room]


There are many other commands that Siri understands on the HomePod. Here are some examples:

  • Turn off [music, podcast, etc.] after one hour
  • Turn on another version (for covers)
  • Play [genre] from [decade]
  • Subscribe to this podcast
  • Play this podcast faster, slower, or at normal speed


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