And if it’s important to choose our own phone…

Buying a new phone is always a decision that must be carefully studied. For most users, a new smartphone will last a few years, so it’s vital to spend money on a product that doesn’t generate any future regrets.

And if it’s important to choose our own phone … so is buying a gift for a family member and especially a child like our son or nephew. We must take into account your tastes, the use it will give you, the features of the terminal and especially the price it will cost us. Here are some key points to tuck into the decision.

Device Specifications: More Important Than It Looks

First of all, we must take into account the usage that will be given to the device. Considering you are a child, possibly between 10 and 12 years old, it is clear that your smartphone use is surfing the Internet, watching videos of your favorite youtubers and especially … playing a lot! So it is clear that the device must have interesting specs and a processor that can easily match the most popular current games such as Pokémon GO or the actual battle of Fortnite among others. Of course you will also need a good screen 5 or 5.5 inches, it makes sense to buy for a child, a smaller phone.

Battery Life: Very Important

If your child, besides playing, also likes to watch videos on YouTube, it is obvious that he needs a device that does not run out of battery after two hours of use. Our recommendation is to purchase at least one 3,000 mAh device. Fortunately, most current devices have this battery size so it’s a matter of taste – let’s discard any smartphone under 3000 mAh. There will be no worse feeling for your child than always having the device powered off and always having to be looking for an outlet to charge it.

This is a key aspect, we are adults and responsible people – at least as we say – and we tend to take care of things, especially those that cost us a lot of money. Unfortunately, the children are after all … they are children . Choosing a sturdy device is an important aspect to value. It is not necessary to buy an ultra-resistant smartphone to water, dust and falls from a sixth floor, but something that will not be destroyed at the first fall.

Price: No need to spend a fortune

Apart from a good screen, a good processor and the phone does not break because the child fell off the couch are all important points when choosing a good smartphone, in the end it all comes down to price.

Obviously, we’re not going to give a child a high-end device like the Huawei P30 Pro or the new Samsung Galaxy Note10, whose first impressions can be found at the following link , but something nice, beautiful and cheap. Then our recommendation is to go between terminals 150-200 euros. While it may seem a bit overpriced for a child, most handsets from brands like Xiaomi, Motorola or Samsung themselves have fabulous devices at these prices.



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