For some time now, smartphone design has been evolving, and now, fortunately, we can hardly find terminals with plastic trim in the middle or high quality range, Contrary to what happened three or four years ago.

Metal, glass, and ceramics are the most common in the back donates our phones and gives a much higher quality feel than we had a few years ago. However, what hasn’t changed since then is the eternal question: Should we use a cover on our smartphones or not??

A cover: an essential asset for almost any smartphone

Many users and even experts say that putting a case on equipment that has been carefully designed to be as appealing as possible is spoiling the Experience. It’s a thesis we don’t agree with at all.

First of all, each one uses their smartphone in their own way and therefore a cover may be a more essential accessory for some than for others. For our part, we always recommend that you always wear a cover. But we do not judge those who think that what is good is to be seen. In the end, everyone knows about themselves.

Personally, I think smartphones are a tool, and in some cases a very expensive tool, and as such you must protect it from time to time, to prevent damage to falls or other hazardous situations.


We all enjoy the design of our terminal, true, Actually, when I’m at home, I usually carry the phone without a cover, but the truth is that when I’m on the street it seems like an unnecessary risk. In addition, I always use a tempered glass on my personal smartphone to protect the screen.

The pain of seeing our damaged smartphone will be directly proportional to the price we paid for it, it’s worth it. protect it and protect it well.

There are covers for all tastes, prices, and shapes according to the needs that the user has in his day to day life. cover with the lid, with holder, or even one with back pocket for inserting cards.

In addition, there are many models that also offer great experiences when in our hands, something that greatly enhances the everyday experience, and Our advice is precisely that the user bets on such covers. My opinion is that it makes no sense to put a one-euro cover on a mobile phone euros, my advice is to invest in a model that fits your terminal, your tastes and your needs.

On the other hand, if the user is reluctant to put a case on, we can not blame him, sometimes they are uncomfortable, but can always choose to put a skin on his terminal, which will not protect him from falling, but will do a good job against the typical scratches that are made when we leave our terminal on a more uneven surface, or even when we leave it in our pockets with other objects. Again, Our advice is to bet on a cover, but, as always, who has to decide what is best for your daily use, is the user himself.


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