Download Z3X Box Samsung Tool PRO 34.5 latest Setup
Z3X Box Samsung Tool PRO 34.5 latest Setup

What is Samsung Tool PRO/Z3X Box:

Samsung Tool PRO box is a Samsung Mobile Repairing and unlocking tools by Z3X Team that allows Flashing Reading, unlocking, and Writing of Samsung based Android device. Z3X Box is a tool that will enable the owner of an LG or Samsung phone to customise their smartphone. With the Samsung Z3X Tool Box, a user can repair options on a smartphone that may have software difficulties, unlock a phone, or flashing it (which means altering it, so it no longer works only with its original service provider) unfreeze a phone that is no longer responding. Keep in mind that using a Samsung Z3X Box to alter your device significantly may void the item’s warranty. Always check with the terms of the warranty before using a Z3X Box or other jailbreaking device or program on one’s phone. Checkout Changelog below.

Samsung Tool PRO 34.5 Changelog 

  1. Flashing, Read/Write QCN, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write SEC, Unlock via MSL, Direct READ codes via the server, reboot download/recovery)
  2. support SM-T378K (Flashing, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write CERT, Unlock, Read codes. Repair)
  3. Some software improvements
  4. Support Many latest Devices

Flashing a Samsung Phone with Z3X Box

The Z3X’ Box’ development team advises unlocking your device first before flashing it, so follow those steps first. To flash the phone, be sure to first download the necessary flash files online from the link on this post. The precise files to use will depend on the model of phone owned, so read the instructions carefully on the site.

Tether the phone to the computer and run the Z3X Box shell. Under the section that says Flash Files, select the flash files that have been downloaded for the phone. Then click Flash on the righthand side of the page, to install these files onto the phone.

Unlocking a Samsung Phone with a Z3X Box

One of the many customisation options available with Z3X Box is unlocking one’s Samsung device. To do this, tether the phone to the computer that has already set up the Z3X Box shell, and run the shell program. Ensure that the correct make and model of phone are selected, then select the Direct Unlock option in the shell. The program will prompt the user to press and hold the power button for three seconds. Doing this will begin the unlocking process, which may take several minutes. The shell will inform the user once the process is complete; do not untether the phone or close the shell before receiving this message, or the phone may not successfully unlock.

Download Z3X Box Samsung Tool PRO 34.5

The Samsung Tool PRO 34.5 for window is an incremental update for the Z3X box Come with Some Minor update to improve its Stability. You can Download Latest setup from below Download Link.


Z3x Samsung Tool 34.5 Here



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