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Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp: When it comes to Android smartphone applications, WhatsApp arguably is the most downloaded and popular app in the world, WhatsApp is the leading social messaging service with the functionality of sending text messages, videos, voice notes, images, and documents in different formats, make voice and video calls all for free.

While it is highly popular across the globe, several things bother its users and are desired by the users, For all those users who want to customize the way they use WhatsApp and have improved usage. The modified versions of WhatsApp have come to their rescue. Developed by independent creators and not official developers of WhatsApp, the modified versions stand above the official WhatsApp offering several advanced new features.

Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp is a masterpiece revived with small touches, with boundaries removed compared to official WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Aero APK app created by Turkish developer, Hazar is a next-level mod version of the popular messaging app called Whatsapp. It is developed based on Fouad WhatsApp, and customized with great performance, UI colors. The app not only comes with a lot of customization but also with improved tweaking and features.

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What makes this app so unique is that it comes with a cool UI and amazing features. Although it comes with features that are available in Fouad Mods, the app also has some amazing features. Some of the features available on WhatsApp Aero include enhanced locking options to keep your chat secure, customize and personalize your WhatsApp and also hide all incoming and outgoing videos, pictures, and GIF files from your gallery, and view them only from WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp is another great Mod Whatsapp you can try The most useful feature of FMWhatsApp is, that you can download status directly. Save a friend’s status of any video or image directly from FMWhatsApp. Additional features like hiding Online status, disabling the internet connection of WhatsApp, sending bulk messages, sending scheduled messages, etc make the app more useful.

Aero WhatsApp Screenshots


  • Brand new and cool UI like WAMOD.
  • Theme Store: 3000+ themes in Aero Themes store.
  • Allows you to share up to 700 MB of video and 50 MB of pictures.
  • It lets you know who visited your WhatsApp profile.
  • Prevent messages from being deleted (Anti Revoke).
  • Allows you to find out who’s been online & offline, and who changed their profile picture and status.
  • Customization: fonts, bubble styles, teak styles, and other mods.
  • Emojis: WhatsApp Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Emoji One V3,
  • Latest Android Emojis and more.
  • Hide Media: You can hide all images, videos, and GIFs from your gallery and only view them inside WhatsApp.
  • It supports Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic, English, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Indonesian, Marathi, and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Allows you to hide your blue tick, 2nd tick, online information, statuses, listening to send audio files, “recording…”, “writing.
  • All other features that are available in Fouad Mods.

WhatsApp Aero V9.81 Changelog

  • All advanced home screen styles designs have been reworked. Alignment bugs of the + button (FAB button) at the bottom right of the home screen and other home screen element bugs have been fixed.
  • New options have been added to Aero Privileges > Home Screen > Space fixs settings. In this way, you can fix the space bugs at the top of your WhatsApp home screen and the alignment bugs of the + button (FAB button) at the bottom of your home screen.
  • 31 new tick styles and 14 new bubble styles added.
    To try tick styles:
    Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Bubble and Ticks > Ticks Style
    The names of the newly added tick styles:
    From the “Aero New 60” tick style to the “Aero New 91” tick style, all the tick styles have been newly added.
  • To try the bubble styles:
    Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Bubble and Ticks > Bubbles Style
    The names of the newly added bubble styles:
    From the “Aero New 24” bubble style to the “Aero New 38″ bubble style, all the bubble styles have been newly added”.
  • New font styles added.
    To try:
    Aero Privileges > Universal > Styles > Font Style
    Names of added fonts:
    — GOOGLE
    — iOS 13
    — MIUI 11
    — BRAN
    — CLA
    — MAT COCO
    — MILK
    — Roboto
  • Anti Expiry added.
    The original WhatsApp has a shutdown time, when this time is reached you will be prevented from using the app. By extending this period for another 4-5 months, the anti expiry mode was made.
  • Coding algorithms of some designs have been reworked. Therefore, you may need to reorganize your current theme.
  • Badge position (message counter position) changer added.
  • Some icons changed.
  • Fixed design bugs on the Stories screen.
  • Added new enrty styles.
  • Decompileable
  • Credits updated.

Download Aero WhatsApp v9.81

The latest WhatsApp Aero v9.81can be downloaded from the links below. The app is free and safe to use.

App Info

  • App Name: WhatsApp Aero
  • Current Version: v9.81
  • App Type: APK
  • App Size: 78 MB
  • Developer: Hazar BOZKURT package

There is no feature difference between the package names, but the most stable package name is com.wa package name.
You don’t need to delete the original WA application to install this package name.

com.wa package

There is no feature difference between the package names. This is the most stable package name.
You must delete the original WA application to install this package name. (this package name is recommended)

Previous Version 9.81

Previous Version 8.35

How To Install Aero WhatsApp APK For Android

  • Remove/Uninstall old Aero and All WhatsApp versions from your device.
  • Delete the WhatsApp folder. If you have important data in it, you can move this folder to another location.
  • Install WhatsApp Aero on your device. It is recommended to use WP Aero in the original package name. Touch me (You need to uninstall Original WhatsApp to install this) if you don’t know where to download.
  • Verify your number. Never restore old backups (chats). Installation from scratch is recommended, restoring backups (chats) is very risky.
  • If the WP Aero application issues a warning in the form of Google Play Services during initial setup, simply press the back button of your device.



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